Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Free Software for Drawing and Art

Following from yesterday's post, I decided to look a little deeper into what can be done using an ordinary 'Office Suite' for graphics.  So this morning I decided to have another look at LibreOffice 'Draw'.  This is the program I used to create the text that is filled in so it looks as if the letters are cut out of a photo.

This morning I read a post where someone was wanting to buy a graphic design program that would let him make a mockup of a mobile phone case that he could put various images on to show customers what the case would look like.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Linux Image to TEXT - use an image instead of colour

I'm writing this so I remember it can be done easily.

One of the neat things about Xara ExtremeLX for Linux was that it was fast, it worked with SVG files and it was easy to use.  For the last couple of releases of Linux Mint KDE, Xara has been able to be installed, but has failed to load.  A quick search on google show I am not the only one with this problem.

Now one of the simple things I used Xara for was to make things like logo graphics, maybe just something with a message, and instead of changing the font colour, I would put the text over the image, then use Xara to remove the image from everywhere except the actual text.

Linux MINT 17 KDE

I noticed that the KDE version of Linux Mint 17 was available, so I downloaded it and yesterday I got it up and running.

I noticed a few annoying things while I was doing this.  I run two versions of Mint on my computer at any given time.  I have a partition for the version I am currently using, and a partition for the old version.  If anything goes wrong or I don;t like the old version, or if I tweak something in the new version as I am doing now, and screw stuff up, i can choose the old version from GRUB boot menu and reinstall the new one.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Simple Accounting softare for Aussies using Linux!!

One of the annoying things about Australia is our tax system.  One of the annoying things about Linux is that almost everything is available for Linux except a simple small business accounting system that is designed for Australian and designed for Linux.
There is a partial solution however...

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Quick aNd Easy Web Builder Update!!

QNEWB2 is being constantly improved.  What is already the best Drag And Drop and WYSIWYG web editor I have tried during many years of searching is even better. What is more exciting is that it works perfectly in Linux!

On June 2, 2014 Pablo added a number of new things to the program.  Some are for advanced users, but for beginners and those trying the program for the first time a couple are very important.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A Drag n Drop Web Editor that Actually Works!

I have always preferred hand coding, or cutting and pasting bits of old pages to make web sites.  After all, if something works once, sometimes a small change can make it seem exciting to someone else.

So I spent a lot of time in HTML editors and also writing HTML in POTEs (Plain Old Text Editors)